Striving For A Better Future For Afghan People

Success Stories

The hard conditions of the war in Afghanistan affected the economic and living situation, and Afghan families are suffering from high prices of goods and lack of income, in addition to the collapse of the value of the Afghani against the American dollar, which led to an increase in poverty and poor living conditions, So the minimum level of assistance became a source of great happiness in the life of families.

Mr. Mustafa khan, a displaced person from the Faryab province IDP, is the breadwinner of a large family consisting of thirteen people. He was one of the beneficiaries of the project of supporting self-reliance for affected families in the Faryab IDP in char bolak district of Balkh province, and he received full support from MEHHRO for the cultivation of one hectare of the wheat crop.

Mr.  Mustafa khan says: We were displaced from the Faryab province to the Adina Masjed village Char polak of Balkh province    and we left our house and our farms in search of safety in the Faryab province. Our main source of income is agriculture.

We cannot work in another profession, and we do not have enough capital to work, so we worked as ranchers in one of the fields in the village of Char bolak district. When I heard about MEHHRO projects, I went to the local council and registered, I got full agricultural support for planting one hectare of wheat from the MEHHRO, they gave me seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, and harvest wages, in addition to agricultural training and field follow-ups.

When the MEHHRO team checked the beneficiaries, it found that Mustafa khan meets all the admission criteria, and more than that, the family is extremely poor and the children don’t receive good care.

Mustafa khan continues: After verification, I was accepted. It was wonderful news. We planted a hectare of wheat without incurring any costs, from planting to harvesting. May God reward you for this support. My family is large and needs a large expense, thank God. After the harvest, I will sell wheat and pay my debt. The production was good, thank God. There are many families, like Mustafa khan, who are deprived of the most basic necessities of life, MEHHRO always seeks to reach them and help them with difficult life conditions through many different projects.

Farmer Mustafa Khan

Success Story

Youth Action for Safety and Security of Urban women and Girls in Mazar-E-Sharif Afghanistan Training with Skills of solving Problems in Daily lives.

Nazi display how she prevents a violence inside her family. And how she stops her parents to change their decision.

Youth action for safety and security urban women and girls training courses.

Nazi has learned about community mobilization, leadership, advocacy, negotiation, public speaking, problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution on women and girl’s issues

And she participant on community consultation to identify a public policy problem in their community on safety, security, safe movement and prevention of rights of women and girls and develop a community action plan.

Nazi a 28 years old afghan women, has found hope, information, Self-esteem and Skills to react and manage the Crises of violence against women and Girls in her home and close relatives home.

Nazi is one the 180 vulnerable youth in the G20 to react for safety and Security of women and girls in Mazar-E-Sharif.

I’m still single and I’m living with my parents. And this is my sister, her name is Najee, then my parents wanted her to marry with my cousin, but my sister didn’t want him because he has two children from another woman which she was died one years ago. My father always forces and assault her to marry with my cousin because he gives much money for my parents. Exactly he promised to give 10$ to my father.

Near to 6 months my home was like a hell for all of my sibling, because we didn’t know how to defense from my sister right.  till I participate to the trainings of youth action for safety and security of women and girls, after I participate to the training I started speaking with my father which his decision is wrong, because my sister has right to choice her husband, and I explained to my father, which now a day whatever you do, this is a kind of violence which it’s harmful for my sister future live and my family too. Till my parents change their decision. Before of training I had fear to react against whatever my father wants, but now I have self-esteem, information and Skills to fight for my right and my family even for all women and girls right. Before me and my family lost our happiness. But now we found hope for my future lives because of the skills, information. Self-esteem and hopes, I’m learning in this training.

UN_HABITAT is working with an Afghan NGO, Mhair Educational Health and Human Right Organization (MEHHRO), to provide Nazi and others like her with a path to self-sufficiency. The program operates in an area where UN-HABITAT is building a road. And the training complements construction by showing that road and the development and new opportunities. There are three centers established in G20 area along the new road, all giving awareness about youth action for safety and security of urban women and girls. The 9-month program empowers participants and provide them skills and hope to bring a changes to their lives.

I want to say special thanks for MEHHRO and UN-HABITAT to train us to defense from women and girl’s rights.